Perinatal Consultation

Women who have a positive experience during their pregnancy and birth will often bond better with their babies, be less likely to develop postpartum depression, and move into motherhood with increased confidence and strength. For survivors of childhood abuse, sexual assault, and/or a disappointing or traumatic birth, this can be particularly important.

Morgan offers short-term (typically 3 sessions) consultation for individuals or couples to address past wounds, identify present needs, and prepare for future experiences.  These sessions can help clients to relieve stressors in order to have a more enjoyable pregnancy, empowered childbirth and positive postpartum experience.  This brief consultation process can either be integrated into the context of therapy or serve as a stand-alone resource, and Morgan supports each client in determining which model works best for them.

Consultation is intended for women or couples with heightened stress or anxiety related to fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, nursing or other perinatal concerns.  Sessions are available in San Francisco, Marin, or online.

(With thanks to Selena Shelley, MA, CD, LCCE, CHBE for Advanced Training in this certification process and for permission to use and modify some of the content above.  Gratitude to Penny Simkin, PT and Phyllis Klaus, MFT for developing this consultation protocol and the accompanying book: When Survivors Give Birth.)

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